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Using The Advanced Search

The advanced search tool will allow you to fine tune your search for property here in The Smoky Mountains area of East Tennessee.  The cities of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville are all part of Sevier County.  By default, Sevier will be the county that is used for your search.  If you like, you can simply change the county by using the dropdown menu.  

The "areas" field is used for not only designating a city, but an area within a city.  For instance, Pittman Center is an "area" of Gatlinburg.  If you choose Gatlinburg, listings from all areas of Gatlinburg will return results, however, if you choose Pittman Center, only listings from Pittman Center will show.  As you change the area, the subdivision list will update as well for just the subdivisions in the area you have chosen.

The "Exterior Features" menu is pretty self explanatory, however, pools will not be included in that category.  If you would like to search for homes or cabins with a pool you would use the "HOA Includes" menu for a community pool or the "Interior Features" menu for a private pool (pool on you private property).


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