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Pigeon Forge Log Cabin

Why choose a cabin in Pigeon Forge? For several reasons. Nestled away just minutes from major attractions like Dollywood are many country cabins with spectacular views of the Smoky Mountains. Many families travel from all over the country year round to rent these Pigeon Forge cabins. Most come equipped with all the amenities: fully furnished kitchen, several bedrooms, linens, dishes and some have a game room with a pool table. In an effort to keep the competitive edge many owners have installed state of the art home theater rooms and pools. Some are rustic three story cabins with loft bedrooms while some are simple one story, one bedroom cabins. All of these cabins in Pigeon Forge pay homage to a simpler time when many residents in the area, including country music superstar Dolly Parton, lived in the log homes.

Below you will find several cabins for sale in Pigeon Forge by specific price range. The preset searches will include cabins of all types and sizes as well as cabins located in some of the more popular resorts like Sherwood Forest Resort, Legacy Mountain Resort, Starr Crest Resort, Alpine Mountain Village, and many more.

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Pigeon Forge Cabins For Sale By Category
Property TypePrice RangeBedroomsArea
Pigeon Forge Cabins For Sale $100,000-$200,000 1-3 Pigeon Forge, TN
Pigeon Forge Cabins For Sale $200,000-$300,000 1-4 Pigeon Forge, TN
Pigeon Forge Cabins For Sale $300,000-$400,000 2-5 Pigeon Forge, TN
Pigeon Forge Cabins For Sale $400,000-$500,000 3-5 Pigeon Forge, TN
Pigeon Forge Cabins For Sale $500,000-$600,000 2-6 Pigeon Forge, TN
Pigeon Forge Cabins For Sale $600,000-$700,000 3-6 Pigeon Forge, TN
Pigeon Forge Cabins For Sale $700,000-$800,000 3-7 Pigeon Forge, TN
Pigeon Forge Cabins For Sale $800,000-$900,000 3-8 Pigeon Forge, TN
Pigeon Forge Cabins For Sale $900,000-$1,000,000 3-5 Pigeon Forge, TN
Pigeon Forge Cabins For Sale Over $1,000,000 4-12 Pigeon Forge, TN

With the current real estate market, families, investors, and entrepreneurs who visit Pigeon Forge often are purchasing a Pigeon Forge cabin. This allows them to visit anytime they want without having to worry about making reservations and can actually save them money. Owners can choose to rent their cabin when they are not staying there for an additional income opportunity. A weeks stay in a rustic cabin in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains is also a great gift for family and friends.

As a REALTOR in Pigeon Forge I continually monitor the Pigeon Forge property listings looking for investment deals that make good, sound financial sense. As the areas of Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Wears Valley, and Townsend continue to flourish these deals become few and far between. The demand for lucrative investment cabins in Pigeon Forge increases every year. Visiting the Smokies is a wonderful experience and great getaway. If you are ready to take the next step and would like to own a piece of the Smokies, call me today at 865-719-4930.

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For all Pigeon Forge has to offer, real estate in Pigeon Forge is some of the most affordable in the country. As your Pigeon Forge REALTOR I can help you sort through the Pigeon Forge property listings to find the perfect home for you. You may enjoy owning a log cabin in Pigeon Forge or a small home on the outskirts of town. Many entrepreneurs chose to purchase hotels, which provide a place to live and business. As a REALTOR in Pigeon Forge I can show you all your possibilities. I live and work in Sevier County and pride myself on staying abreast of all market conditions, swings, and developments as they arise. Pigeon Forge property listings are some of the hottest in the state of Tennessee. While many people may vacation in Pigeon Forge, renting a Pigeon Forge cabin or staying in one of the many hotels, many more are now choosing to live here. If you don't want to make Pigeon Forge your permanent home, Pigeon Forge is also the perfect place for a vacation home. Many people own a Pigeon Forge cabin or condo. The Pigeon Forge property listings for these properties are lengthy, but great deals don't happen often and disappear quickly. I can keep you apprised of all the great deals until you find the one that is right for you and your family. What is making Pigeon Forge real estate so popular? You are!

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Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Pigeon Forge is located at the foot of the Smoky Mountains, one of the most beautiful areas in the country. In the fall, visitors flock to the city because of the beautiful Pigeon Forge weather—cool days and cooler nights tempered with blue skies and bright sunshine. In the spring more come back, often a using a REALTOR to find the perfect mountain getaway to view the blossoms of spring. The views during the change in seasons take your breath away. In the summer, Dollywood is a popular destination for families. Every year, residents visit Pigeon Forge for the annual Winter Fest celebration featuring some of the most dazzling light displays you will every see. In fact, there is no off season for Pigeon Forge because of the area's beauty and amenities. Living in Pigeon Forge also gives you access to all of the great tourist destinations the city offers. Two outlet malls attract shoppers. Every type of cuisine is available in Pigeon Forge restaurants. And the entertainment in Pigeon Forge is first class, with theaters that cater to every taste. Many of the entertainment venues give special discounts to permanent residents, as well!

While many only know Pigeon Forge as great vacation destination, one look at the Pigeon Forge property listings and they know why it is a great place to live as well. Pigeon Forge is really a small town, boasting an actual population of a little more than 5,000 residents. While it is just a small town, Pigeon Forge has all the amenities of larger cities—a library, transit system and a great water and sewerage system. The Sevier County School System is known as one of the best in eastern Tennessee. And you cannot ignore the area's natural beauty and the great weather, complete with a gorgeous change of seasons.

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