With the current status of the economy and stock market it is no wonder people are hesitant to invest their money.  There are very few sure things that exist anymore because volatility has become the norm.  Real estate, as many believe, has begun the slow ascent out of the depths of darkness that it has been living in for the last several years.  Inventory levels are low, construction costs are higher than they have been in months, and median home prices are starting to show some stability.  Even with these positive signs, Log Cabin Foreclosures in Gatlinburg and surrounding areas  are still at higher than normal levels.  This will restrict the value on these properties from following suit at the same pace as it pertains to median homes prices around the country.  The same holds true for any area that is still dealing with the foreclosure mess caused by the bursting of the proverbial "Bubble".

If You Build It They Will Come

No I am not talking about building a baseball field in the middle of your corn field so you can play a game of catch with your dead father.  Actually I am, at least at about the baseball field part.  Both Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are currently in the construction process of building 2 state of the art sports complexes.  Wear Farm City Park is a new 118 acre multipurpose facility that consists of five lighted baseball fields, a lighted football field, 2 full playgrounds, pavilions, walking trails and more.  It will be ready in the Spring of 2013 and ready for softball tournaments.

The newly approved Gatlinburg Sports Complex will hopefully begin construction in the Spring of 2013 with an estimated completion date of Summer 2014.  Plans include 8 artificial turf soccer fields, 9 full court basketball/volleyball courts, and over 600 additional parking spots built in and around Gatlinburg-Pittman High School and the Gatlinburg Community Center.  These facilities will predominantly cater to the AAU Volleyball and AAU Basketball organizations.

Gatlinburg Cabins for Sale

With the influx of people expected to hit our area over the next 2 years the question of lodging is often discussed.  The unanimous answer is always overnight rental cabins.  A large majority of the people traveling to the area to visit the National Park, tour Gatlinburg and/or Pigeon Forge's Dollywood, or to attend one of the many athletic events held at the Sports Complex will reserve and stay in an overnight rental cabin. Feel free to contact me with any questions on any/all properties that you are interested in.