Real Estate CommunityIf you are not familiar with Google Plus, now is the time. I can already hear you saying, "Not another social media site. I can't manage the ones I am on now!" I understand. That is why I have all but abandoned the others to devote my time on Google Plus. Maybe abandoned is a bit strong. Re-evaluated my priorities and expectations of them is more accurate.

One of the newer features of the Google Plus platform is the introduction of Communities. Communities are groups that are created about a specific, or even general, topic. The communities are usually created by an individual and can be public, invite only, or private. Typically as a community grows, the owner can assign moderators to assist in keeping the community going in the right direction as it pertains to SPAM, quality, interaction, and positive engagement.

I belong to several communities, 43 to be exact. My favorite one is the Real Estate Community. I am currently a moderator for this community along with the owner, Elias Nathaniel and fellow moderators Connor T. MacIVOR, Janis Borgueta, and Melissa Marro. We strive to keep this Real Estate Community as positive and resourceful as possible. Our intent and goal is very simple. Provide a place for Real Estate Professionals and other professions that are tied to real estate to interact, share ideas, and help each other in an environment that is positive and encouraging with little to no SPAM. We push towards that goal everyday and do a decent job at it. Our Real Estate Community members (all 4,054 of them) make it very easy though. Most everyone has the same expectations and do their part to help achieve that goal.

The Real Estate Community Cares About It's Members

Today we have taken our efforts one step further. We have decided that it is in the best interest of the community to not allow any further promotional posts in the "Promotions" section, or anywhere else in the community for that matter. But before taking any swift and unilateral action, the Real Estate Community moderators have posed a questions to it's members. A survey if you will. The question is this: "Shall we disallow any direct promotional postings of businesses, persons, products or services, including property listings?" The actual survey post can be found here

Real Estate Community on Google PlusOur Real Estate Community is nothing without its membership. Because of this fact we have chosen to allow the very members to voice their opinion on the matter. I believe that this inclusion of a communities members in a decision like this is something that borders on uncharted territory. I also believe that it is important and helps instill a sense of ownership.

If you are in the Real Estate Profession, or a profession that has involvement in real estate, then we would love to have you as part of our Real Estate Community. It is easy to do. Just start by creating an account on Google.  If you already have an account then setting up your Google Plus profile is very simple. Just start off by visiting the Google+ start page. Here is a great post on how to setup a Google+ Profile.  If you have any questions or need assistance you can comment below or contact me on Google+ at Annie Maloney on Google Plus.