***As of May, 2015, I have update my site to the Real Geeks platform.

I hope this post finds you all well.  Several months ago I was given notice from my website provider that they were discontinuing the services that I have been using since 2004.  That website was a great tool and resource but also lacked in flexibility thus preventing me from offering many tools and options that would help you in using the site.  We have spent the last several months designing this new site and even though we are still working out a few bugs we decided to go live with it Friday night, August 2nd,2012.

We have moved most of the information and services over to this new site and will continue to build upon what we have created.  We have been blessed to find and enlist the help of John Wright with SoZo's Design.  He has been instrumental in getting us ready for this transition.

All logins and organizers that you were using on the old site will still work on this site with the same usernames and passwords.  You can login to those areas of the site by using the links at the very top of the site or by using the links in the "Members Area" located in the right sidebar of the homepage.

All search functions are the same with the exception of a new "Interactive Map Search".  The map search by default will load an expanded view of Sevier County.  The best option is to hit the "refine search" option and select your search criteria.  The map will display the properties with whatever map view you like and you can control the level of zoom all the way down to a full street view of the home. We are working with the IDX (property search) developer to allow for searching of properties with a field for lot size or acreage.  Currently the field exists but will only work when you select lots/land as a property type.  We have had several requests to be able to search property and use an acreage filter so we are working on it.

As we continue to develop the site, I implore you to let me know what you think.  All criticism is welcomed and encourage and can be given on the form below or on any contact form located on the site.  As well as criticism we would love to hear what things you would like to see added or available to use on the new site.