Google Glass For RealtorsIf you have any exposure to the Google Plus social network then chances are good that you have heard of Google Glass. Even if you don't partake in the best social media platform to date, a.k.a Google Plus, most people that are interested in technology are aware of this futuristic device. Google Glass may quite honestly be the best of both every world. Your smart phone, your social media, your network, your everything.

Currently Google Glass is in a limited testing phase. Last month Google started accepting applications for people that want to be a part of this initial phase. According to Google, they are choosing 8,000 regular people to try out this computerized headset to the tune of $1,500 each.

Realtor Of The Future Is Google Glass

$1,500 bucks!? Is it worth that? Absolutely! At least for me. It is a business deduction and a tool that allows me to provide great service. The Realtor of the future essentially provides real time information, pictures, video, etc. to prospecting clients and potential buyers. This is instant gratification on steroids. As a log cabin investment specialist in Gatlinburg and surrounding areas of the Smoky Mountains, I deal with many buyers from out of the area or out of state. Is it possible that this technology may actually prevent buyers from making multiple trips to the area until the property list has been narrowed down to the favorites? I believe so.

Realtor of the futureGoogle Glass bottles every aspect of social media. Let's look at this from a Real Estate perspective. Potential buyers looking to invest in overnight rental cabins almost never are satisfied with looking at just MLS photos alone. Hard to blame them. Two immediate options come to mind with this wonderful device. As a Realtor that deals with mainly buyers, I am previewing property often, very often. I can take multiple additional photos from inside the property and upload them directly into my Google+ profile page for immediate viewing. This is pretty cool. The same can be done in a video format. What is even better than that is the ability to live stream video directly onto Google's network. I can literally walk and talk around a property and stream the video to my clients 2,000 miles away, or dare I say, multiple clients at the same time. The real estate market is bouncing back you know.

This is by far the best advancement next to the internet itself to making the buying process completely virtual. I am not suggesting that that is a good or bad thing, just that it is another tool in the arsenal of top notch service. I have been involved in a number of deals that were "sight unseen" (buyer never actually visited property other than photos) but this all but eliminates that term. Take a moment to view the videos below. They really do a good job at showcasing the technology and what we can expect to see from this device.