Technology FrustrationsIn a word, ABSOLUTELY! That's not to say that someone can't be successful and provide you with great service with out being a techy, they can. That's techy, not trecky. Nothing wrong with being a trecky but that is a different article. In this day and age of not just Real Estate, but business as a whole, technology has made great advancements to provide consumers with instant information with zero inconvenience.

Initially when the technology boom started to impact real estate, many of the "Old Timers" dismissed the new fancy websites, IDX feeds, social networking, smart phones, GPS, etc. These new gizmos were nothing but fancy gimmicks to make these new young guns look important. That mindset has shifted completely. More and more of the seasoned Realtors that have been in the game for decades are adopting these new advancements and learning how to make these tools work for them, and they love it!

How Does This Techy Stuff Help Me As A Buyer/Seller?

Well, the first and most obvious example is "You're reading this on the internet right now, aren't you". So many things have become dependent on technology that we sometimes forget that technology is what is making it possible and available to us. When you enlist the services of an East Tennessee Realtor or Log Cabin Foreclosure Specialist like myself, you want to have the most reliable, up to date information provided to you in the most efficient manner. Technology makes this happen. In a fast moving market it is imperative to have information readily available at your finger tips so you can jump on a property when you find "the one". A few tools that allow Realtors to provide this type of service are:

1) GPS - Just about all vehicles and phones have GPS capabilities these days. This feature is especially important when viewing property with your Realtor. Many MLS sheets have less than accurate directions and with a GPS or navigation system you can be sure to travel to and from properties with out any wasted time.

Technology for Realtors2) Smart Phones - As Realtors, we are generally on the go most of the time. Smart phones allow for us to stay in contact via calls, email, text, and Skype while we are "out of the office". They also offer a plethora of different apps that provide so many things. For instance, when I am out showing property or looking at cabins for sale in Gatlinburg, I have been asked many times about elevation. There is an app for that! Altimeter takes my current position and provides me with the altitude for it. Pretty cool actually.

3) Tablet/Laptop - When viewing property with clients we some times find that we need to alter or refine our search criteria for a number of different reasons. The last thing the agent or the client want to do is trek back to the office, view more MLS sheets, and then pack back up to continue viewing. With a tablet or laptop that has cellular capabilities, refining or tweaking an MLS search is as simple as pulling over or stopping for lunch. Tablets like the iPad allow for viewing of property photos on a crystal clear retina display and save a tremendous amount of time otherwise spent driving back to the office.

4) Websites & Social Media - These are very important when choosing a Realtor to sell your home A strong website that performs well in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) adds that much more exposure to your property listing. Any Realtor that is active on social media like Google+, Twitter, and Facebook is also reaching a huge audience that are otherwise known as "Potential Buyers". These sites also work wonders for networking with other real estate professionals that may have a buyer moving to the very area you are selling in.

5) Digital Camera/Video Camera - When it comes time to take photos of your home for the MLS it is imperative that you have good, clear photos. Keeping in mind that no matter how good a camera your Realtor has it is only as good as the condition, or staging, of your home. Video cameras are especially good for when previewing a home or investment cabin for an out of town client. Many times I will take dozens of photos above and beyond those supplied by the listing sheet as well as a video of the property where I can talk and discuss certain things about the property as I see them. I have had many offers come in sight unseen other than the pictures and video I have supplied. That is how powerful that can be.

Again, while these items are not necessities they sure do offer you and your Realtor the edge when buying and selling real estate. If you are in the market to buy or sell real estate in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, or Sevierville please contact me or call me direct at 865-719-4930.