People actually do that!? Yes. Actually, quite a few people do that. Many times the prospective buyers are from out of state and do not want to risk losing out on a great deal. In today's market, the best deals on investment cabins are scooped up in just a matter of days, sometimes hours. While this may seem very risky, if handled properly, it is really no different than any other real estate transaction. This is where is becomes extremely important to have a seasoned Realtor that knows how to protect you from as much risk as possible. This is also why it is so important to have a Realtor scouring the MLS for you in search of these deals as opposed to you using portals like Zillow and Trulia for your search. While those sites are very welcoming and easy to use, they are infamous for not having accurate and updated data.

The Right Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

I have always been an advocate for coming into town and stepping foot into a property before making an offer. Sometimes that is just not conducive to making quick decisions. Because of that single fact, I handle out of state/area buyers in a much different way. My goal is to give you as much information and visual aid as possible. So much so that it is almost as if you were here, walking though the property with me. MLS photos are designed to showcase a property. Any successful listing agent will take great photos, or have them professionally done, to attract potential buyers like you. I will NEVER let any buyer make an offer off of those pictures alone. In situations like this, I make it a point to visit the cabin myself. The point of my visit is to perform a mock property inspection.

property inspection**I do not claim to be a property inspector but I do have a vast knowledge and understanding of what to look for. During this time I will take multiple photos of the cabin, putting emphasis on capturing any issues, or what could turn into an issue down the road. Once I am finished I will upload all the photos to my Google+ account and then provide you with the public link to the album. Check out the album below. At this point we will discuss the property in detail while looking at the photos together over the phone. If we still feel good about putting in an offer after reviewing the photos then we will proceed.

All Offers Are Not Created Equal

The offer, if written correctly, has a few ways to protect you. The "Contingency" becomes your exit strategy. Every sight unseen offer I write is contingent upon the buyer coming into town and looking at the property. If after viewing the property you find that you are no longer interested for whatever reason, you can walk away. If we want to proceed with the purchase after your visit then we will schedule the property inspection. The property inspection is your second contingency. If after the inspection you determine that there is too many items in need of repair, you can walk away. These are the 2 most important contingencies that need to be included in your offer.

If you have any question regarding purchasing a log cabin the Smokies please contact me. You can reach me through the contact form on this site or feel free to call me direct at 865-719-4930.