Over the last year Google+ has been taking the internet by storm.  Like many of their products, Google+ continues to grow and advance into an awesome social media experience with tons of potential.  Creating your own Google+ plus profile is very easy.  If you do not have an account with Google (google reader, gmail, youtube, etc) you can create one here.  There is also a great post by Irene Koehler titled 10 Steps To Create An Awesome Google+ Profile.  In this post Irene explains exactly how to setup and optimize your Google+ profile page.  If your main interest in social media is strictly entertainment then it isn't as important to be so thorough and detailed with your profile, but it won't hurt.

As a Realtor I try to network and communicate with as many people as I can.  Google+ is just one more medium that allows me to reach the masses.  Sharing my love for real estate, technology, SEO, websites, family, sports, etc.  After you create your Google account you can follow me on Google+.

My Google+ Business Page

Beyond setting up just a normal profile to use and interact on Google+, you can also setup and establish a business page like I have done here.  This is a great opportunity to really brand yourself and/or your company. These pages allow visitors and followers to see and hear exactly what you have to say and what your company/business is all about.  There is an excellent post by Kristi Hines on How to Set Up a Google+ Page for Your Business.  Our badge here on AnnieMaloney.com is located on the homepage on the right sidebar.  After you setup your Google+ account be sure to follow  my page!

The Google+ platform has also been merged with Google Places.  Google Places is a directory of different businesses and companies that you can search for.  Many will have reviews by other patrons or clients that have been serviced by said company.  This is an excellent opportunity to voice your experience and the service you received.  My local page is Prime Mountain Properties - Annie Maloney and you can see what others have said about the service I provide.  If you have any questions about the products and services that Google provides please contact me or comment below.